Coeur Riviera
Verdun square

Verdun square

A place for having a walk with spots to relax .It used to belong to the former iconic luxury hotel of the Belle Epoque named Bristol. Facing the sea, within a stone’s throw of The Fourmis beach, between the Casino and La Rotonde, it offers a prestigious setting. It is owned by the municipality today, and has retained the atmosphere of an ornamental garden with its numerous exotic species: aromatic Paulownia tomentosa whose blossoming recalls that of Jacaranda, the massive Araucaria cunninghamii, the blazing Brachychiton acerifolius or the palm trees of all kinds including the amazing Sabal bermudana or elegant Washingtonia filifera.Youngest children enjoy the children’s playground.

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An unforgettable stay in the heart of the French Riviera

Privileged place of the French Riviera, discover a French Riviera off the beaten track. Star tables, nature and water sports, you will find everything in Coeur Riviera. Small enclave between land and sea, let yourself be seduced by the atypical charm of our territory.

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