Coeur Riviera
Olive groove Garden

Olive groove Garden

In the heart of Beaulieu, just a few steps away from the sea, lies this magnificent 6,000m2 olive groove garden with its 100 centenary olive trees. The introduction of the olive tree is closely linked to the development of Beaulieu-sur-mer, hence its ancient name Olivo. It is also the symbol of the Commune’s coat of arms.

Originally, this centenary olive groove was a private domain owned by Marinoni (Hippolyte Marinoni was the inventor of the rotary press and the first mayor of Beaulieu-sur-Mer in 1891)

It was then purchased by the Commune in 1934.The « Olea europaea » -an olive tree species-contribute to the enchanting and peaceful atmosphere of the garden with its typical « Kikuyu » lawn.

Climbing plants cover the outer walls including several Thunbergia alata, black-eyed Susan vine, and a magnificent Ficus pumila tree.

This is a haven of peace, ideal for relaxation and serenity in a cool environment. It hosts various evening events in summer.

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